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Causes and treatment methods of blockage in rice husk granulator

The rice husk granulator often encounters blockage during operation, which is very frustrating for many customers. Let's first take a look at the operating principle of the rice husk granulator, and then analyze the reasons for the blockage and the treatment methods. The working principle of the rice husk granulator is to keep the rice husk material and water content within a regular range. The material is evenly conveyed by a belt conveyor to the material mouth above the molding machine for pressing and forming, which is the product. But some operators may cause blockage of the rice husk granulator due to improper operation in various aspects when using the equipment. How should you respond to this issue

1. If the discharge pipeline is not smooth or blocked, and the feeding is too fast, it will cause the air outlet of the rice husk granulator to be blocked; After checking for any issues, it is necessary to first clean the air vents and adjust the feed rate to ensure that the equipment operates normally

2. Broken and aged hammer blades, closed screen holes, and high moisture content of crushed materials can all cause machine blockage. Broken and aged hammer blades should be regularly updated, and the screen screen should be checked regularly. This can not only improve production efficiency but also prevent equipment blockage

How to handle the blockage of the rice husk granulator? Trust everyone, when encountering similar problems, they can quickly find a solution. For more information about rice husk granulators, please continue to pay attention to our website.


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