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Biomass pellet machine production line

Recently, many customers have inquired about how much a biomass pellet machine production line costs, and it's hard to say how much a set of biomass pellet machines will cost in detail. This depends on the moisture content and output of the raw materials to determine the type of pellet machine equipment required and other auxiliary equipment to match. All equipment is for raw materials, and the inquiry of raw materials is the Committed step of granulation. Crop straw, including its leftovers after harvest and waste from agricultural product processing, is a very rich renewable biomass resource.

Characteristics of biomass pellet machine:

1、 Smooth Spindle: Use gearbox oil to smooth the spindle, which plays a fully smooth role while lowering the temperature of the spindle.

2、 Pressure roller bearing: During the entire service cycle of the pressure roller, it is possible to choose a method that does not require oil injection or replacement of the bearing. You can also choose a controllable oil injection method based on oil pressure at any time, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Reasonably switch based on the customer's address and method, making it more user-friendly.

3、 Enhanced gearbox transmission

1. The entire machine is driven by parallel helical gears, with good tooth fit.

2. The gearbox is equipped with hardened helical gears, which widen the gear face, increase the gear module, increase the gear overlap, reduce the load on each pair of gears, and improve the bearing capacity of the gears before adjustment. Compared to traditional gearbox gears, the strength of the gears is 5-10 times stronger.

3. The smooth oil of the gearbox is equipped with a bypass water cooling system to prevent excessive oil temperature and greatly enhance the service life of internal bearings.

4. The failure rate is lower than that of traditional gearboxes.


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