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What are the advantages of sawdust granulator

What are the advantages of a sawdust granulator?

1. At present, the market can effectively and forcefully suppress raw materials such as bamboo shavings, pine, poplar, eucalyptus, fruit shells, crop straw, birch, etc. (The instantaneous extrusion force between the pressure roller and the grinding tool is 600 tons)

2. The ring mold grinding tool of the new vertical granulator is vertical, and the material can Free fall, but it is not arching and easy to dissipate heat. (Horizontal granulator ring mold grinding tool is horizontally driven, and the motor drives the screw machine for mandatory feeding)

3. The new type of vertical particle machine's ring mold pressing roller rotates, causing centrifugal force to occur on the material, allowing it to evenly loosen around. (Horizontal granulator ring mold grinding tool rotates, with low pressure and loose particles)

4. The mold of the new vertical ring mold granulator consists of two layers, which can set different types of standard particle diameters.

5. The new vertical ring mold particle machine has the function of automatic heat dissipation. The induced draft fan extracts the hot air from the granulation chamber through the air duct, avoiding prolonged high-temperature operation and machine wear in the particle chamber. This ensures that the particles are not filled with steam, making them more beautiful and shiny. Able to work continuously for 10 hours, with a daily capacity of 20 hours. (The horizontal ring mold granulator does not have automatic heat dissipation equipment and cannot operate continuously)

6. The new vertical ring mold granulator contains a 30 cm spline shaft, which increases the retention of materials in the granulation chamber, making the materials loose and soft, which is conducive to the formation of material particles and high density.

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